Boks Smart Mailbox Enables Reliable 24/7 Home Deliveries and Returns.

The Doorstep Problem

Millions of people shop online everyday

Yet, there is no secure and reliable way to Send and Return items directly from their homes!

Missed Delivery

Last Mile problems relating to missed delivery of packages results in over $21 Million in lost revenue daily. It is estimated that every time a courier fails to deliver at first attempt, it costs their company $15! In 2015 Fedex handled 6.9 million packages per day day with 20% of those deliveries not being made on their first attempt.

Difficulty Returning

Difficulty returning unsuitable purchases is a growing consumer pain point. 72% Of online shoppers said they would be Very Likely, or More Likely to shop with retailers that made the Returns Process Easier. (Metapack 2016 State of ECommerce Delivery)

Stolen Packages

Every year thousands of packages containing valuable online purchases are stolen from consumers front door. According to police stats, 1 in 4 people will be the victim of package theft at some point in their life. Preventing package theft is a multi-billion dollar opportunity in the US alone.

Boks is the Solution

Boks is a beautifully designed smart mail box that is installed directly outside users’ homes. Boks guarantees reliable & secure transfer of mail, packages and other items by creating an autonomous physical link between your home and the rest of the world.

How Boks Works


Boks manages users online purchases and delivery tracking information in the Boks Mobile App. This allows delivery couriers to easily make deliveries at any time by simply scanning a packages barcode. If deliveries don’t have a barcode, Boks has a number of different features for remote delivery acceptance including a smartphone connected video intercom.

Boks will also facilitate the collection and return of unwanted online purchases. To do this simply select the return option in the Boks App and place the package back in the Boks enclosure for collection. The courier will be notified automatically and safely return the package to its sender.

Simplicity By Design

Ease of use and beauty are the driving forces behind Boks’ design. User Experience, Ergonomics, Package Types and Aesthetics have all be meticulously considered in order to make Boks a seamless and reliable gateway between online stores and users homes.

Beta Testing

The current Boks prototype is a functioning, beautifully crafted conceptual model of what will become the finished product. This prototype has a working software interface that pairs with the Boks mobile app enabling testing and user feedback.

Team Boks

We believe that Boks can solve the Door Step Problem and create an unprecedent new level of online shopping convenience.

The Boks Mission

Boks aims to forever change how you think about mail. Boks will become an integral part of its users daily lives by providing unprecedented level of convenience right at your doorstep.

179 Meserole Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222